Guidelines for filling the visa application form

Guidelines for filling the visa application form

The first step of the visa application process is to fill the online visa application form, print and sign it, affix two of your latest passport size photograph and submit it, along with the relevant documents and your passport, through the TCS Visatronics / Gerry’s International- Visa Drop Box .

It is important that the information provided by you on the online visa application form should be correct. If any discrepancy is detected during scrutiny, your visa application will be summarily rejected.

Therefore, before filling the online application form, keep the following items and information ready: 

  • Current passport and all previous passports
  • Details of last Indian visa (visa number, date of issue and category)
  • NADRA Card 
  • Names of places you intend to visit in India and the State to which it belongs e.g. if a person is visiting Mumbai, in the place column, please enter ‘Mumbai’ and in the State column, enter ‘Maharashtra’ 
  • Name, address and telephone number of your host(s)/business associate(s)/contact person(s) in India. 
  • Address of place(s) of stay in India. 

Filling all columns in the form is mandatory. However, in case of columns which are not relevant, write NA (Not applicable). 

Print-out: Two copies of the form are required to be submitted. You may either take 2 print-outs of the form or take one print-out and make a photocopy. Please however, make sure that you sign in original on both the copies. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.

Photograph : Affix one recent identical passport size colour photographs (35mm x 45mm) each on both the copies of the application. The photograph should be with the straight frontal face of the applicant and with a light background.
Online Application Form for Individual Case
Online Application Form for Group Case

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