Medical Visa / Medial Attendant Visa

Medical Visa / Medial Attendant Visa

Specialised Medical Facilities available in India

In case you want to visit India for specialized medical treatment, you can apply for a medical visa.

Medical attendant visa is issued to the person who would accompany such a patient to India. Medical attendant visa will be co-terminus with the medical visa. Only one attendant can accompany a patient as per rules. Visa for Medical attendant has to be applied along with Medical patient only. Standalone attendant visa applications will not be accepted.

Only a single entry visa can be issued for a medical / medical attendant visa.

You would need to submit the following documents for a medical / medical attendant visa:

1) Letter of appointment for medical treatment from recognised hospital / treatment centre in India (clearly mentioning the name of the doctor, address and contact details and the treatment which the applicant will be undergoing). Please note that the medical attendant’s name should be specifically mentioned in the letter of appointment of the hospital / treatment centre in India

2) Medical records and diagnostic reports of the patient in Pakistan clearly indicating the diagnosis and recommendation for treatment abroad for specialised treatment of the ailment / disease for which medical facilities are not easily available in Pakistan. 

3) Copy of NADRA Card along with its English translation and the translated copy should be notarized.

4) Valid Polio Vaccination Certificate

5) Copy of any utility bill, such as electricity bill/ gas bill/ landline telephone bill (any one as address proof) 

6) An affidavit by the organ donor ( Liver, Kidney etc.) stating the relationship of the donor with patient and that he is donating his organ/s on his own volition and not under any pressure and not due to any commercial considerations. The affidavit shall be attested by Pakistan Foreign Office.

(Format of affidavit on Stamp paper by Donor

Guidelines for filling the visa application form 

Online Application Form for Individual Case

Online Application Form for Group Case



Where is the High Commission of India, Islamabad located? How can I reach it, in case I want to submit a medical emergency visa application?

No Visa Submission can be done at the High Commission of India, Islamabad. All Medical Visas have to necessarily come through dropboxes of TCS/ Gerry’s only. 


Can I get a medical / medical attendant visa on the same day?

We do not have emergency medical visa processing service. All medical visa require prior-clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India. This may take anything from 15-90 days.


Can I apply for a visa for additional cities for sightseeing or meeting friends/relatives?

A medical / medical attendant visa is only for one city. You should not apply for a medical visa in case you intend to visit your friends and family in India.


Which medical centre can I visit? Do I need an invitation?

You can visit India for medical treatment if the medical facility you intend to visit for medical treatment is an established/ recognized/ specialised/ reputed hospital/ treatment centre in India.


Do medical patients have to report to the police?

 Patients as well as accompanying attendants shall register with the local police/ Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) concerned within 7 days of arrival. Accompanying attendants can also register on behalf of patients along with necessary documents from the hospital concerned, where the patient has been admitted for treatment.

 Similar report will also have to be made 24 hours prior to the intended time/ date of departure to the nearest police station / Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) / Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO).


Is there any restriction with respect to surrogacy?

Any person seeking a visa to visit India for purposes of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand from relevant authorities in Pakistan whether surrogacy would be permitted by law and the child will be provided appropriate travel documents for accompanying the surrogate parents to Pakistan. Entering into surrogacy arrangements without prior intimation that the travel is for this purpose is punishable under Indian law.


In case I do not have utility bill in my name, what should I do?

Even if you do not have in your name, any utility bills of your present residence, you can still submit the same along with your visa application. However, you would be required to submit an affidavit, duly notarised, explaining the reason why the utility bills are not in your name. Please note that the address you enter in the visa application form should match the address mentioned on the utility bill of your present address.


How much money can I carry with me while going to India for medical treatment? Can I carry Indian currency with me?

You can bring into India any amount of foreign exchange, subject to the condition that on arrival a declaration is made to the custom authorities in a Currency Declaration Form. It is necessary to fill out a declaration form if the foreign exchange (in the form of currency notes, bank notes, traveller's cheques etc.) exceeds US$ 10,000 or its equivalent and /or the aggregate value of foreign currency notes is US$ 5,000 or its equivalent.
Bringing Indian currency by any foreign national into India is prohibited and punishable under Indian law. If Indian currency is found in your possession, you may be arrested or deported immediately from point of entry itself. Therefore, please do not convert foreign exchange into Indian currency in Pakistan for taking into India. 
Travellers cheques in US$ and pounds are easily exchangeable and ATMs are available in major Indian cities. Credit cards are accepted in hotels and large stores. If you are carrying any foreign currency notes, carry them to India and exchange them into Indian rupees in India itself.


Can I perform some commercial activity like sale purchase or signing any contract while on medical / medical attendant visa?

Any misrepresentation or undertaking of activities in India incompatible with the visa category can result in an immediate revocation of the visa and deportation from India. For example, if you have been given a medical or medical attendant visa and you perform activities which are commercial in nature, then you are likely to be deported from India and denied visa for subsequent entry into India.

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