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Steps to be followed for processing declaration of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship under Section 8 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 (read with Rule 23 of the Citizenship Rules, 2009).

  • The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955 does not allow dual citizenship. Holding an Indian passport / acquiring an Indian passport / travelling on an Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts penalties. Indian nationals, who have already obtained citizenship of another countries must renounce/ surrender their Indian passport immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship.
  • Any Indian citizen of full age and capacity can renounce his/her citizenship by making a declaration in the Form XXII provided under the Rule 23 of the Citizenship Rules, 2009. The application form has to be filled only on the online portal “”.
  • Instruction for filling of the application is enclosed at Annexure I below.
  • After partially filling on-line application and subsequent to the temporary application ID generation, a system generated email notification will be sent to the applicant.
  • After Final submission, email will be sent to the applicant on his/her registered email id.
  • The applicant is required to fill all his/her relevant details and upload relevant documents mentioned in the statutory application form in the above-mentioned website, take a print-out and visit High Commission of India, Islamabad for submission of form, verification of documents and interview. He/ She would sign the declaration before the authority concerned and submit the print out of the application with supporting documents.
  • High Commission of India, Islamabad (hereinafter referred to as HCI) will verify the original Passport and other details and ensure that declaration is complete in all respects. After scrutiny of documents, and signature in the presence of the competent authority.
  • HCI, upon verification of the details, shall have the option of correcting/updating the application form in the online system, if required, and upload documents, if any. Thereafter, the competent authority shall upload the signed form-XXII online within 5 working days of the receipt of the application and interview. The applicant will received a system generated email confirming the same.
    Upon completion of internal formalities, HCI will issue a renunciation certificate printed from the online system and duly signed by the competent authority in HCI.
  • The applicant will be informed regarding the same, which may be collected from the HCI Counter.
  • In case of rejection, a system generated email-ID will be sent to the registered email ID of the applicant.
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