PIO Scheme

PIO Scheme


(Details as per Ministry of Home Affairs Notification No.213 dated 19th July 2002)

The Government of India for the convenience of persons of Indian origin has launched the 'PIO Card' scheme, aimed at making the journey back to the roots, simpler, easier, flexible and trouble free. The earlier scheme which was launched in 1999 has since been replaced with the PIO Card Scheme of 2002. The PIO Card entitles a person to a set of privileges.

Definition of PIO and Eligibility
"Person of Indian origin" means a foreign citizen not being a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries as may be specified by the Central Government from time to time if, 

(i) he/she at any time held a Indian passport; or
(ii) he/she or either of his/her parents or grand parents or great grand parents was born in and permanently resident in India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935 and other territories that became part of India thereafter provided neither was at any time a citizens of any of the aforesaid countries (as referred to in 2(b)above; or
(iii) he/she is a spouse of a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin covered under (i) or (ii) above.


  • No visa required for visiting India
  • No separate “Student Visa” or “Employment Visa” required for admissions in Colleges/Institutions or for taking up employment respectively
  • A PIO Card holder will be exempt from the requirement of registration if his stay on any single visit in India does not exceed 180 days
  • In the event of continuous stay in India of the PIO Card holder exceeding 180 days, he/she shall have to get himself/herself registered within 30 days of the expiry of 180 days with the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Officer / Foreigners Registration Officer
  • Parity with non-resident Indians in respect of facilities available to the latter in economic, financial and educational field
  • All PIOs including PIO Card holders shall enjoy parity with NRIs in respect of all facilities in the matter of acquisition, holding, transfer and disposal of immovable properties in India except in maters relating to the acquisition of agricultural/plantation properties
  • No parity shall be allowed in the sphere of political rights.
  • Facilities available to children of NRIs for getting admission to educational institutions in India including medical colleges, engineering colleges, Institute of Technology, Institute of Management, etc. under the general categories
  • Facilities available under the various housing scheme of LIC, State Government and other Government Agencies
  • Special counters at the immigration check posts for speedy clearance

How to Apply
An application for issue/renewal of a PIO Card shall be made in the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by documentary evidence to show that the applicant is a person of Indian origin as defined. Prescribed application from can be obtained from the office of Indian Embassies abroad, Foreign Regional Registration Officer, Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai/ Amritsar and also from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreigners Division, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110 003. 

Requirements and Application

  • Duly filled in Application form for PIO Card

  • Four passport size photographs

  • Documentary Evidence of Indian Origin of the applicant

  • Fees: 
    a) for issue of PIO Card: PKR 27,000
    b) for issue of PIO card to minor (less than 18 years): PKR 13500

Where to apply for the PIO card
(i) An application for issue of a PIO Card shall be made to an Indian Mission in the country where the applicant is ordinarily resident.
(ii) Applicant already in India on Long Term Visa (more than one year) shall make the application for issue of a PIO Card to the local FRRO or Joint Secretary (Foreigners), Ministry of Home Affairs, Delhi

Validity of the PIO card?
A PIO Card shall be valid for  life-long  and exempted registration subject to the validity of the passport of the applicant.

Acquisition of DUPLICATE PIO Card in case of loss etc:
On a request supported by FIR and other documents, a duplicate PIO card shall be issued on depositing a fee of US $ 100. Duplicate PIO cards will be issued by the same office that issued the original one  

The PIO Card will be valid only when accompanied with a valid passport.

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